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Christmas In July


What are the exact origins of Christmas in July? Was it a mum, sick of the commercialisation of Christmas and convinced her children that Christmas was in fact ‘in July’ that year. Or was it a little old lady confused about what time of the year it was and no one had the heart to tell her?

A common story is that Christmas in July began in 1980 in the Blue Mountains. Legend has it that a group of tourists partook in what was called the Yulefest Celebration which runs through the months of winter. The story goes that the celebrations were such a success that they continued every year, and eventually it transformed into an Australia-wide occasion.

Australian’s love a traditional Christmas. However, our steaming hot summers and usually balmy Christmas nights mean that a traditional stuffed turkey, steaming puddings and warm cider are generally a no go. We usually opt for cooling salads and fresh seafood!

This year if you’re thinking of getting into the Christmas spirit in July we have some tips about having a traditional large Christmas feast, decorations and celebrations. It’s a great excuse to get friends and family together in the middle of the year!


A great start to your Christmas in July festivities is to hand out invitations! An exciting way to give out invitations is by grabbing that old box of Christmas cards that you know you’ll never use or buy a cheap back of Christmas cards like these Set of 50 Christmas Cards. You can print out the names and addresses on a plain sheet of paper and post them on the inside of the card. You can also decorate it with glitter, ribbon and Christmas stickers!


Since it’s not traditionally Christmas time you don’t have to go crazy with the decorations. You don’t have to put a Christmas tree up so that’s one less hassle.

Table decorations are always a good way to go. A charming centerpiece it a great way to go such as this brilliant Tea Light Candelabra. It’s a good idea to make the table attractive but not garish. The over-the-top nature of Christmas is what puts a lot of people off during the holiday season. Christmas in July is a way to indulge in the Christmas cheer by catching up with friends and family without all hassle and fuss that goes along with Christmas.

Here are some other decoration ideas:

· Jumbo Santa Sack

· Kissing Mr & Mrs Clause Salt & Pepper Set

· Reusable Window Decorations

· Set of 3 Festive Tea-Towels

· Set of 4 Christmas Candles

· Singing Santa

· Motion Detecting Welcome Santa


One of the best things about Christmas in July is the menu. This is your opportunity to indulge in those warm winter Christmas delights that they get to enjoy in the Northern Hemisphere

Here’s an example of a great Christmas in July menu that you can play around with and adapt to suit your own cooking expertise and taste:

Potato & onion soup with sour cream

Herbed roast turkey with cranberry & pear relish

Balsamic roast vegetables

Fennel, endive & pink grapefruit salad

Raspberry & orange festive upside down cake

White chocolate eggnog

Vanilla marshmallow stars

Parties and Games

Finally, Christmas in July is a chance to let your hair down and enjoy some fun and games.

1) Pin the tail on the reindeer

2) Christmas wreath toss (fake wreaths tossed onto horseshoe stakes for points)

4) Candy cane relay race (groups of 4, large 2 plastic candycanes, a green balloon on the curved end carried and transferred to the next team player, first team to get to the end wins)

6) Mitten unwrap (kids have to try to unwrap a starburst while wearing mittens)

7) Snowman piñata

8) Bauble painting

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