Winter Fashion 2012


It’s no secret that winter is fast approaching and as the trees lose their green, the nights get longer and the streets get colder we’re left with a puzzling dilemma: what are we to wear? There are some out there who love winter, who relish the wind, the rain and the layered clothing. Others have already begun their mourning as they reminisce about the days of summer that have long gone.

The great news for this winter is that winter fashion for 2012 pleases both winter and summer lovers. This winter, you can incorporate your summer prints into your winter wardrobe and finish them off with some great warm winter pieces. Here are some great winter fashion ideas based on this year’s upcoming trends.


Is that a sigh of relief I hear? Yes ladies, pants are back in fashion this winter. A pair of simple trousers  gives you a clean classy look that you can ultimately dress up or dress down. They’re also perfect for work wear.

The great thing about fashion this season is that you can be bold without stepping too much out of your comfort zone. Something as simple as adding a dash of colour is enough to make a statement. A great signature piece is a pair of corduroy pants. To make a statement try wearing them in a blue or deep red.  The colours add some vibrancy to the overall look but doesn’t take it too far so you can still be within your comfort zone.

Coats and Outerwear

The great thing about this winter’s fashion is the abundance of choices for outerwear. You can literally wear the same thing every day, only changing the outerwear and each outfit would look totally different from the next.

First of all a good staple to have is a slightly structured simple coat that can be your ‘go to’ coat. Choose something lightly padded (for warmth) with a plain colouring so it’s more versatile. Black, white or navy are good colours to go for. Quilting also adds a sophisticated look such as a slim cut quilted jacket. A coat like this can easily be dressed down or up depending on the occasion.

Vests, ponchos and capes are also great outerwear options. These add that sense of sophisticated style to a look. Which is perfect for this season as ‘sophisticated comfort’ is one of the main looks this winter. They’re also the key to incorporating your summer looks into your winter wardrobe.  A fleece poncho or cape is great to wear over jeans and a simple top. You can also throw it over a maxi dress or skirt for a casual effortless look. With capes and wraps, don’t be afraid to go a little bold with colour, once again it creates a signature piece!  If it’s a slightly mild day, opt for a cute knitted vest over jeans and a short sleeved or long sleeved plain top.

Accessories and Shoes

One of the biggest mistakes people make with accessories is forgetting that the wrong accessory can ruin an outfit. This winter make sure you have the right winter accessories to match your outfit. For example a quirky scarf can brighten a subdued look. Feel free to try something different such as a glove-in-scarf combo to add a bit of fun to an outfit. Cute pieces like this are also a great conversation starters.

Often, in winter, people focus all too much on boots and forget about footwear for those milder days. This winter, invest in a pair of cute flats to finish off a look when boots are not required. Once again, don’t be afraid to go a bit bold. Shoes are a great statement piece and this winter it’s time to let your feet do the talking. A cute ballet flat in a shining silver or beautiful gold are the perfect way to complete an outfit.

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