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Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. It is the place we all gravitate towards, a place of comfort and joy. But for so many of us, the kitchen if often associated with over-cluttered pantries, un-organised drawers and messy fridges! Despite being an old adage, the notion of a ‘tidy kitchen, tidy mind’ has gained new momentum, with new studies[1] indicating that a messy home directly contributes to higher stress levels and anxiety. But never fear, with these handy kitchen storage ideas, you’ll soon have both your kitchen and your mind de-cluttered! The mess ends here.

Handy Hint #1: Use those nooks and crannies!
The standard kitchen generally comes with a bank of drawers designated for cutlery, utensils and the various bits and bobs that require a storage space. However before too long, those bottom drawers become chosen ‘junk’ or ‘miscellaneous’ houses for a huge variety of items! So what to do? They key to a well organised kitchen requires savvy space utilisation. Make use of your available vertical space with some slim storage shelves  so that you can readily and easily access your kitchen supplies.

Handy Hint #2: If it can be placed in a caddy or an organiser, it’s on your side in the war against clutter.

The fridge is a source of stress for many, especially during the festive season or busy times when the collection of food in our fridges and freezers can simply get out of control. In order to maximise the usability of freezers, a great tip is to invest in an anti-frost mat, which will ensure you never experience frost build up, thereby making the most of your free space and allowing your refrigerator to work optimally. When your fridge seems to be bursting at the seams, the number of condiments can become terribly overwhelming as they fill up you shelves, racks and take over the precious little space available. With  rolling condiment bins, you can keep your tomato sauce and your salad dressing in the most orderly fashion, transforming the clutter into neat and tidy storage.

Plastic bags are also one of those serial offenders that contribute to the disarray of our kitchens. Rather than shoving them at the bottom of your pantry, or allowing them to take up valuable drawer space, a plastic bag organiser will enable you to keep your bags contained in an organised fashion.

Handy Hint #3: Plan your cupboards!

 The cupboard is notorious for being the breeding ground for clutter. It is so often that you put things in and before you know it, you need to empty out half of the contents just to find that jar of pasta sauce you need for dinner! With a little thought and planning however, you can save yourself the despair. There are many cupboard organisers, including drawer inserts and Lazy Susans which allow easy access and visibility to your goods. Stop things from getting lost in corners with a rotary sachet holder and choose storage solutions like this organiser basket and watch your cupboard stay user-friendly without any hassle.


Handy Hint #4: Food Storage – Selecting the right container for the job.

Along with the organisation of your kitchen supplies, food too needs to be stored in the proper fashion to save on wastage, preserve and most importantly, not compromise the organisation of your kitchen. Nifty items such as collapsible containers can be stored flat, taking up very little space but will spring to life to accommodate any leftovers that need a home. If you prefer glass storage with multifunction ability, glass bowls are perfect for mixing, cooking and storing your food.

Containers specifically for fresh produce are also available, which help to remove damaging ethylene gases from your food. This is the gas that causes produce to over-ripen and deteriorate. The ‘Always Fresh’ containers are designed to keep your edibles fresh and juicy for longer, keeping your food delicious and your kitchen fabulous. A great partner to these are also the  ‘Stay Fresh’ Fridge Balls, which are the safest and most effective way to maintain the air quality in your veggie drawer, while keeping the environment in optimal condition and making sure that lettuce stays super crispy!

Handy Hint #5: Don’t be a hoarder!

Our cluttered kitchens are a sign that we so often are too blasé about throwing out the things we no longer need or use. Stop being a hoarder and make sure you regularly go through your fridge and pantry to get rid of things you’re no longer need or that have expired as soon as possible. Ditch the spices that are older than your children, toss those chipped mugs, bin that junk mail and chuck those take away menu’s circa 1999 – there’s no excuse for allowing it build up. By clearing out the clutter, you’ll find yourself on a one way street heading straight towards kitchen nirvana.

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