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Magnetic Therapy – How Can It Help?

There has been much debate regarding the effectiveness of magnets and their ability to relieve pain, however recent studies[1]  reveal that they do in fact have a place in the medical field, with their benefits nothing short of extraordinary for some people. The basic idea of magnetic therapy involves the use of magnets of varying sizes and strengths that are placed on the body to relieve pain and treat disease. First established in the 16th Century, there is now a large following in support for the natural drug free alternative to pain relief.  Consider this information as your first step on the way to help with pain relief – without the nasty side effects of drugs and invasive treatments!

So….How exactly do they work?

Practitioners believe that cells and tissues in the human body emit waves of electromagnetic impulses; however when we suffer from illness or injury, these fields become disrupted. Magnets produce energy fields of varying strengths, which are believed to penetrate the human body, correcting the disturbances and restoring health to the afflicted systems and sites of pain. Basically, when part of the body is injured, positive ions flood the area, causing pain and swelling. Magnetic therapy causes the positive ions to flee the affected area, allowing the body to return to its normal negative state, and leaving a pain free you!

Relieving Back & Neck Pain

If you find yourself constantly affected by neck and back pain, you are probably well aware of how difficult sleeping comfortably can be.  A magnetic contour pillow provides upper lumbar support along with the benefit of 12 magnets to assist you in your slumber. If you require support for a stiff aching neck, either the magnetic neck wrap or a magnetic posture support can aid heat retention, and provide relief to chronic neck stiffness and back pain.

Help For Sore Joints & Arthritis Pain

Arthritis, aching joints and sore feet affect our demeanour incredibly. Not only are they physically hampering, but they also bring us down due to their relentless, negative presence in our lives. Magnets have been touted a godsend for those suffering from arthritis, with some users within a few hoursexperiencing relief instantaneously. The magnetic knee support contains strategically placed magnets woven into the material, creating a magnetic field around the joint to help with swelling pain and provides support through gentle compression.

Sore, tired feet are most inconvenient when you have got things to do but you don’t have to let these get in the way of your daily living. A ladies magnetic arch brace, specifically designed to support the arch of your foot gently provides relief and support to feet in need of respite. If you suffer from aching wrists, then you actually have a wide variety of more fashionable jewellery-style magnetic therapy devices to choose from!  The ladies magnetic bracelet and the men’s magnetic bracelet both serve dual purposes; as a stylish wrist bracelet, as well as pain relief for aching joints through the hundreds of gauss magnets embedded within it.

Magnetic therapy has gained new momentum through its ability to help patients suffering from pain find relief in a natural, drug free, non-invasive form of therapy. With so many new forms of magnetic healing available, you can now rest assured that relief from chronic pain does not have to come in the form of a pill with nasty side effects! It should however be noted that you should consult your doctor before using magnetic therapy especially those with electronic health devices and pregnant women.

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