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Organise Your Bedroom

A woman can never have too many shoes. Or handbags. Or accessories. Or too many clothes. Or too much make up. Fact.

The problem, however, is where do you store all these items? We have handy solutions to all your bedroom storage troubles.


Chucking your shoes in a pile in your wardrobe is not a good idea. It looks messy and untidy and you can’t see all your shoes, which makes getting ready so much harder than it needs to be. Plus it can actually ruin your shoes, leaving them with dirty scuff marks and covered in dust. If you think the only solution is a bigger wardrobe, think again. Unless of course you can get a bigger wardrobe, in which case, lucky you! If not, why not try a shoe organiser rack which hangs neatly in your wardrobe, and allows easy access to your shoes and the roomy storage compartments allow you to see them with no trouble. No room in your wardrobe for the rack? No worries. How about an underbed shoe storage – It slides easily under the bed, out of sight and keeps your shoes free from scuff marks, dirt and dust.


Don’t know where to put all your handbags? They can be just as hard to store as your shoes, because they take up room. But for easy storage when you’re low on space, you need behind the door bag hooks. Just clip the hooks over the top and bottom of any door, and you have a streamlined storage solution for your bags! Plus you can also keep scarves and belts here out of the way.


If you find your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, you should consider storing things you don’t wear. Jamming everything into the wardrobe can actually ruin your clothes, especially if they are made from super delicate material, like silk and wool. A jumbo storage bag is a great place to store winter clothes in summer and vice versa. Plus you can also keep warm winter blankets in there when it’s too hot to have them on the bed. Look for storage bags with clear panels, so you can easily see what’s inside. And make sure they are made from breathable materials so everything inside doesn’t go smelly and mouldy.

While we’re talking clothes, do you ever find some of your garments just won’t stay on their hangers? non slip bendable hangers are a wardrobe life saver! Even the slinkiest tops and strappy dresses will stay put with these. Simply bend them into shape, and you’ll never have to re-iron your clothes again.


If your jewellery always ends up in a tangled mess, shoved in a drawer where you can never find anything you want, there is a solution. A jewellery hanger is a great way to store all your jewellery. Roomy enough, so you’ll have a separate compartment for each item, you can hang them on the back of a door, in your wardrobe or on display.

You may have also seen mirror cabinets around. These double-duty cabinets open up to reveal handy storage for all your accessories. Say goodbye to your dressing table clutter! But your accessories can also make a great display on your dressing table, as long as they aren’t a tangled mess! An earring screen lets you neatly organise and display your jewels, and you can easily see what you have in your collection. You can also hang necklaces and bracelets on the stand.


Fashion goes with cosmetics like bangers go with mash. And like all your other bits and pieces in the wardrobe, your make-up usually ends up stuffed in cosmetic bags where you have trouble finding exactly what you want, not to mention it can spill everywhere. Clever storage can double as an attractive display, like this cosmetic organiser. It keeps all your cosmetics in their own compartments, providing easy access, while looking good on your dressing table.

Getting ready shouldn’t be nightmare, and with these simple and handy hints, it should be a breeze. Plus de-cluttering your life is actually proven to increase happiness. Just like shoes.

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