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Make Your Car A Clutter Free Zone!

Living in your car? Sometimes it feels like it. Whoever you are, it’s important to keep your car interior clean, organised and tailored to suit your lifestyle! Here are some simple tips that can help you keep it organised and practical.

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A decluttering makeover will help you love your car again

Follow Your Nose

You’ve just had a shower, got dressed, brushed your teeth and are ready for the day ahead, now you open your car door and BAM! – The sticky stench of an unattended spill or the unpleasant odour of a tiny lost piece of fruit that’s gone bad. Even just the stale air can be enough to make you recoil. Sound Familiar? Keep reading for some simply things to do to to

Easy things you can do to stop this:

  1. Empty the rubbish daily! Just keep a plastic bag handy and throw it out at the end of the day.
  2. Deodorise. A friend of mine used to burn incense in her car, but a simple non-toxic Odour Vanish spray will do just fine… and less smoky!
  3. Keep an interior cleaner handy, like a dry sponge or rag, try the Cockpit Shine sponge to help prevent build-up of dust and dirt

(Hint: Often the stale smell can be caused by poor ventilation, it’s probably worth attaching an auto vent to your back windshield to draw out that hot stale air, also keeps your car cool in summer.)


Even after cleaning out the dirt and rubbish we can still be left with a mess of various items floating around. Rather than just shoving everything in, try using old Tupperware containers in your glove box to organize different items, like phone chargers, GPS and so on. So you never have to fumble through a tangle of cables.

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End your cluttered car nightmares for good.

(Hint: For quick demisting it’s handy to keep an Anti-Mist Glovein the glove compartment as well)

Keeping comfortable

Another important thing to consider while organising your car is your seat. Spending a lot of time in your car means your seat needs to be supportive and comfortable. An ergonomic cushion can make a world of difference, easing any subsequent back pain and correcting posture. A leather seat cushion is a great solution, with an inbuilt lumbar support it fits easily on your car seat. Or for shorter drivers you could try a car lift cushion to help you see better in the process.

(Hint: If neck strain is also an issue, try a using a wide vision auto mirror to give you a more comprehensive view at a quick glance)

The kind of things you need to store in your car will ultimately depend on your lifestyle, how often you use it and how many kids or frequent passengers you have, but there are always things you can do to improve your time in transit and make the most of your car space. So get your mind out of the clutter and get a feel for your automobile.

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