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The Forgotten Room: Organising Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a hygienic sanctuary yet so often we end up with toothbrushes strewn across the basin, shampoo and conditioner bottles littering the shower floor, a lifetime of half used ointments and toothpastes missing their lids.  Particularly if you have kids, grandkids, or a very messy partner!

Well never fear, we’re here to offer some simple bathroom storage tips to help make your bathroom the pristine and tidy place it should be.

Organising Your Shower

Bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other hygiene products can quickly become a safety hazard on the shower floor or teetering over the edge of the shower door. Often space can be a problem in the bathroom so in order to maximise your shower storage. Remember: think vertically rather than horizontally.

Suction Bathroom Shelves are ideal, giving you 3 levels of storage and allowing you to organise your hair care products, soaps, razors and what-have-you, safely out of the way yet still within easy reach. If you have a more simple shower set up, a single level Bathroom Corner Holder may be more suitable for you.

(Tip: For curtain showers try bathroom hanging baskets)

Keep Your Basin Tidy

There’s nothing worse than going to brush your teeth at a messy basin, wondering what your toothbrush has been exposed to! First thing’s first, keep your toothbrush clean and protected! The best way to do this is by keeping it in an anti-bacterial toothbrush sanitiser. It will keep your toothbrush away from germs and kill any that it’s picked up. Now contained and protected you can store it in your drawer with confidence

(Tip: For a hassle-free, hands-free way to dispense your toothpaste, try a toothpaste dispenser)

Does this sound familiar? Make-up brushes, foundation stains and powder on the basin top. It’s easy to leave things in a mess when you’re in a hurry, but there is a better way, try a cosmetic organiser if you like to have your make up out (or easily accessible from the top drawer). And as for cotton wool, buds and such they can all be neatly stored using an acrylic bathroom caddy minimising stress and mess.

Ironically one of the biggest culprits of a messy basin top is soap! Liquid soap spills and soggy soap bars can make for awful grime when left unattended. Try using a one touch soap dispenser that suctions onto your wall, so you don’t have to worry about knocking over the soap bottle or dropping the slippery bar when washing your hands.

The Throne

Last but not least the toilet must also be considered highly in bathroom organisation. Running out of toilet paper is never fun and doesn’t leave you with many options. Make sure you always keep a couple of extra rolls handy – It helps to use a Magazine & Toilet Roll Organiser so you can store toilet rolls and magazines in the one spot.

It’s also a good idea to keep air freshener handy to keep your bathroom smelling pleasant and fresh. For easy access you could try storing it in an air freshener holder that clips onto your toilet tank. Keeping it off the floor and within convenient reach.

Don’t look past the bathroom when organising your home – a little bit of attention can go a long way. So stress less and forget the mess.

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