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Top Tips To Keep You Mobile and Quick!

Ageing comes with many redeeming qualities. Along with a lifetime of experience, the senior population have the benefits of wisdom, knowledge and a certain perception of the world that the younger generations are still navigating towards.  But despite accumulating an extensive wealth of insight, unfortunately sometimes in these later stages of life nature gets the better of us physically, and we tend to need a little assistance in order to make daily living as enjoyable as it can be. With aging comes that irritating thought, ‘the body just isn’t what it used to be’. But rest assured there are many options available nowadays that not only assist with daily living, but also provide you with a sense of comfort knowing that your independence need not be compromised.

Mobility Aids

Whether you are senior or if you simply have an impairment that affects your mobility, even getting out of bed can seem nigh impossible. Suffering from a weakened body doesn’t have to mean the end of your freedom. A bed rail can provide enormous comfort as it assists with both standing and rising from the bed, completely securely so that you never have to worry about nasty falls. But what about getting out of your favourite armchair of an evening?

Getting in and out of the car can also be a source of strain, with some large vehicles being so big they even make it difficult for the most mobile individuals! The Swivel Cushion can be placed upon any type of seat, providing you with a rotating seat which prevents difficult twisting and struggle, making it a breeze to hop in and out of the car.


The loss of manual dexterity can be one of the most frustrating side effects of the aging process. Cleaning the house suddenly becomes infinitely harder than it used to be, with tasks such as cleaning floors or even tending to the garden a source of much anguish. With the Rechargeable Rotating Sweeper, you can regain your cleaning prowess as the sweepers flexible design provides360° of rotation, allowing you to reach any nooks and crannies that may have otherwise evaded you. You can also keep your garden looking fabulous with a Garden Seat Kneeler, which will save your back and knees as it provides a gardening experience so comfortable that you’ll be able to potter about for hours without sacrificing the health your joints, or the health of your daisies.   

Optical Aids

We heavily rely on our sight for almost everything. So when it starts to fail us, of course there is a certain sense of vulnerability that comes hand in hand with it, as things become more difficult to read and see. All of a sudden finding the right credit card can cause grief, or even reading your favourite newspaper. With wallet reading glasses you are sure to always have a pair of specs at the ready – as the paper thin glasses fit neatly into any wallet or purse. Alternatively, a folding magnifier with light is lightweight, portable, compact and best of all comes with a light so that regardless of your surroundings, you know that eye strain won’t be an issue.

Hearing Aids

So often we don’t appreciate our hearing – until of course it is compromised and all of a sudden, the thought of living without it seems extremely daunting! Don’t let your hearing become a factor of constant stress in your life, with many affordable hearing helpers out there such a cyber ear or a Super Mini Ear, these handy devices allow you to control the volume of your surroundings, while remaining inconspicuous and barely detectable to others. Because after all, listening to your favourite radio station should always fall into the category of pleasure, not pain. If you’re experiencing difficulty hearing over the phone you may find that  as telephone ear amplifiers can provide you with some assistance, as it intensifies sound on the receiving end, allowing you to enjoy those lengthy conversations with friends and family without hassle!

Don’t let aging feel like a burden. The senior years are for celebrating. Older people, after all, constitute an army within which there is knowledge, talent and ability, a testament to their many years of life experience! With just a few little everyday helpers under your belt, it is possible to adopt and maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to your better health and wellbeing. Regardless of the new challenges aging can present, we are all living longer than ever before, and with the opportunities provided by some everyday helpers you can feel reassured that your senior years remain of the highest possible quality.

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