Summer BBQ Fun!

Celebrate the Australian summer by hosting a classic BBQ. A time-honoured tradition and a great way to gather your family and friends. In today’s on-the-go culture it can be tough to get it all organized so we’ll take you through some helpful tips to ensure the day goes smoothly and everyone has a great time!


Make sure to send out invitations! Physical invites are not necessary, phone calls and texts are just fine. Making a Facebook event is an ideal way to get RSVPs sorted quickly and get your guest list organized.

Keep your BBQ area clean! The grill is often a social hub for people to stand around and talk while you’re attempting to cook – but that’s ok! It’s the natural order of things. Make sure you have a good quality BBQ cover to protect your BBQ from weather and dirt, as well as a decent BBQ mat to guard the floor beneath it from spills and oil stains.

Running out of gas is a sure fire way to ruin your BBQ, make sure your gas bottle is filled up the week before to avoid any embarrassment.

(Tip: If you use your BBQ regularly keep a magnetic gas level Indicator attached so you can keep an eye on the level at all times)

Pick your menu in advance and purchase the necessary food a few days before if possible. Beef, sausage, chicken, whatever you please. Make sure to have some veggies and salad dishes available for those who prefer the lighter option, and some fresh bread rolls are always a hit. To lighten the load a bit, ask your guests to each bring a side dish or desert.

Make sure you have a selection of drinks organized, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic to cover all bases, cans are better for soft drink as you can keep them in the icebox with the beer.

(Tip: have some stubby holders handy for beer and soft drink, so your guests can keep their drinks cold without freezing their hands)


You want to make sure that your outdoor area is comfortable and inviting for your guests, a centre piece on the table is great way to add a touch of class, something like a Giant Teacup & Saucer Planter is perfect for the outdoor aesthetic.

One problem with the Australian summer is the presence of flies during the day and then mosquitoes later in the afternoon/evening. Slapping some insect repellent on is helpful but not everyone is a fan and some people (particularly kids) can be sensitive to the unnatural odour. A designer patio torch is a great solution, simply fill with citronella oil and it should keep them at bay while enhancing the look of your BBQ area.

Alternatively if you’re having people over in the evening, it’s important for the area to be well lit.  Solar garden lights are a great way to keep your outdoor area lit while saving time and money on electricity and installation. Try this Tiffany-Style Solar Light for a bit of old-world charm and mood lighting.

A bit of music is always good to set the atmosphere, if you don’t have a portable stereo system just face your speakers outside and you should hear them just fine.

Most importantly when all the work is done remember to relax and have a good time!

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