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Keep Your Home Pest Free

Don’t let pesky pests interfere with your pride and joy

A clean, pest free home and garden is essential to your wellbeing. We have compiled our edit of top tips to help you banish annoying rodents from the kitchen to the garden.


Naturally the kitchen is a pest haven, especially when there are crumbs around, spills aren’t wiped up properly, dirty dishes are left in the sink overnight and food is not stored in airtight containers. Try the Always Fresh Containers as they seal in freshness while preventing kitchen pests from getting into the food. Never leave opened packets of food in your cupboard as this is like an open invitation for pests to have a party in your pantry! Get into the habit of cleaning up mess straight away, and wipe out your fridge and cupboards regularly. Putting odourless and non-toxic moth traps in your pantry is also a good idea to deter pesky weevils.

Deterring ants can be a little tricky, especially when it rains. Keep outside garbage bins as far from the house as possible. Ant-repellent herbs like mint, rue and tansy are a great deterrent – place dried bunches or pots of these herbs near windowsills and other trouble spots.  Floral bowls make for a nice window display while doing the job for you. Wipe the windowsills with eucalyptus oil on a regular basis – ants dislike the strong odour.

Cucumbers, vanilla beans and dried pyrethrum daisies deter cockroaches. Place small amounts of these in jars inside cupboards to discourage them from nesting – they particularly like damp, dark, warm places.

If you don’t have flyscreens on your doors and windows now is the time to get them. As summer quickly approaches, you’re going to want to let the fresh air in, but unfortunately that also means letting in flies, mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. You don’t have to spend a fortune on flyscreens, try an instant flyscreen – simply peel and stick the Velcro around your window frame and attach the mesh screen. Try a Magnetic Door Flyscreen so you can keep the door open as well, letting in sunlight and the afternoon summer breeze, while keeping out unwanted creepy crawlies! The magnets allow the screen to open easily and close automatically behind you.


Balmy summer evenings call for BBQs and outdoor entertaining. It also means mosquitoes and other bugs. Counterattack annoying insects with double-duty outdoor accessories. A patio torch looks and smells divine, just fill with citronella oil (available at chemists), which is a natural non-toxic insect repellent. Or try a Solar Light Insect Killer, this clever 2 in 1 device provides natural light to your outdoor setting while ridding it of annoying insects.

The garden can also become home to other unwanted pests. Scare them away with a hooting owl, which makes a realistic “hooting” sound whenever it senses movement up to 2 metres away. To protect your vegetable patch, retire the old scarecrow and give these Holographic Guard Owls a try. The holographic pattern creates the illusion of flashing motion to scare away those hungry rodents. It’s much safer than using pesticides.

These simple solutions should put you on the right track to domestic bliss. It’s not necessary to use harsh chemicals in your house and garden to banish pests, but it is necessary to combat the problem today!

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