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Christmas Decorating: Spread The Joy!

Decorating your home for Christmas can be fun for the whole family but for some people the mere thought of rearranging the house for the holiday season in enough for them to start pulling hairs!

Whether you’re entertaining for family, friends or simply wanting to liven up your home for the festive season, these simple tips will help you express and de-stress yourself while adding some spirit to your home.

Declutter and Get Organised!

There’s nothing like the holidays to make us look around and face the reality of our own homes. Cluttered floors, dirty rugs and worn furniture can really dampen the spirits but it’s time to clean up, clear out and make room for incoming presents, decorations and Christmas cheer. – Try our Home and Organization blogs for some helpful hints and tips.

The Christmas tree is usually a magnet for mess as boxes of decorations, lights and tinsel can end up strewn around it. Try keeping a Christmas decoration chest handy; to not only keep organised but neatly display any unused decorations.

Get Creative

Try to use what you have around you to enrich your decorations. Think about what is easily accessible and try to reuse where you can. For example…

Candle Displays:

  • Use natural elements such as pinecones and green branches (for safety place candles in separate holders).
  • For a more Australian spin on a Christmas classic try using native plants like bottlebrush, banksia and gumnuts in your candle displays (great for wreaths too!)– Just leave the bees outside.

(Hint: Try these Christmas candles to ensure an eye-catching and safer display, or this Reindeer Candle Arch for larger arrangements)

Christmas Cards:

Cards from Christmas past tend to hang around and create clutter, so try to reuse them in an artful way!

  • Make a feature out of old cards, arrange them tidily or in a collage and stick them onto matboard, cardboard or even old wall mounts.
  • Frame sentimental cards if they are too special to throw out (but be realistic in the process and don’t become a hoarder!)
  • Display them neatly in a card holder to save time and space.

Tree decorating:

  • Simple is often best, try not to overload your tree with too many ornaments, allowing room for lights or tinsel
  • Keep a theme with your ornaments, if you don’t want to use lights, glow in the dark decorations like these Cherub Tree Ornaments  are a real hit and the kids will love them
  • Making your own tree hangings can be fun too, and anything small enough can be used, outgrown baby shoes, spray painted pine cones  whatever you like. (Hint: try these Star Hanging Hooks for easy hanging)

Home Is Where The Food Is

Eat, drink and be merry! Most celebrations will take place around the dining room, so be sure you focus your attention there. Laying a wreath or candle arrangement as a centrepiece on the dining table is a great way to set the mood.

(Hint: If table space is an issue for you then perhaps it is best to lay the arrangement elsewhere and try something smaller like tealight holders)

Try picking a colour theme for your table setting, you can go classic red and green to keep a traditional flavour or try something more modern with a metallic like gold and white, although careful with the red wine should you decide on white! Make sure to keep a tea towel handy.

(Hint: These Festive Tea Towels are perfect for a Christmas table setting)

Keeping the dining room well decorated will help keep Christmas cheer high, encourage conversation and hearty laughs, and hey – if you’re hurting for laughs, you can always try this adorable Kissing Mr & Mrs Clause Salt & Pepper Set.

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