Picnic Time: Tips for a great picnic!

A classic way to enjoy a sunny day with family & friends or a simple intimate meal with a partner. Either way it can quickly become a cherished tradition. But if organisation  is not your strong suit, never fear – these simple tips will help you plan the perfect picnic!

The Essentials

The Picnic Basket!

The modern day picnic basket doesn’t need to be made of wicker and hinges; take a more practical approach. A cooler bag will fit everything you need while keeping your food fresh and secure for carrying; avoiding those surprise spills you can often have with more traditional picnic carry-alls.

(Hint: If you’re taking the kids on a picnic then a set of smaller cooler bags are great to pack individual lunches)

Picnic Rug/Blanket

It’s good to have a couple on hand (or maybe more depending on the size of your group) but make sure at least one has a waterproof backing – a self-storing picnic rug is pretty perfect and makes packing up easy too. For a more comfortable picnic, try laying a regular wool blanket on top of the waterproof one.

It’s good to use disposables in order to save space and avoid breakages. i.e. Plastic cups/cutlery and paper plates/napkins. Alternatively, for a greener approach you can try using these collapsible containers they’re shaped like bowls, so you can eat straight out of them and then compress for pack up.

Folding Chairs

Not really necessary on a picnic for 2 but essential in a larger group, make sure you pick a sturdy lightweight model and check the legs first, there’s nothing worse than the chair collapsing under you and you definitely don’t want to get caught in the hinges!

(Hint: For a simpler alternative try an adjustable back rest for back support while sitting on the picnic rug!)



Always keep snacks on hand, think simple – Chips and dip are a classic, homemade or store bought is fine. Nuts are another good snack, mixed nuts are fine, for the healthiest option go for unroasted almonds.



Never underestimate a sandwich, they’re easy to eat without cutlery and you can tailor the fillings to suit your crowd, cold meats, cheese, simple spreads and salads are all good choices.  For a gluten-free alternative try wraps instead, you’ll find many great options at your local supermarket and they sit a bit easier on the stomach.


Make sure you bring a thermos flask or 2 for hot drinks like tea and coffee. For Alcohol, be careful when carrying glass bottles you don’t want to end up with a smash ruining the entire day, a portable bottle bag is great for safely transporting wine or glass bottles of any kind.

Hot Food

If you are keen to bring hot food on your picnic it’s best to keep it separate from the rest so an insulated bag is a must. An insulated casserole caddy is a great for warm meals like lasagnas and pasta bakes as well as casseroles.

And lastly if you’re bringing your four-legged friend along make sure that you remember to bring a leash and something for them to eat too. Bring their food along in a designated pet food container so you don’t mix it up with the

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