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DIY Nation: Essentials For Home Improvement

DIYFrom gardens, to decks to bathrooms and more. It’s safe to say DIY is still a fast growing trend these days. Whether it’s to save money on hiring tradesmen or simply for the satisfaction of the hands on approach, it’s a great way to get creative and care for your home.

Now to really unleash your inner handyman you’re going to need an organized toolbox! Whether you have a mess of tools collected over a lifetime or are looking to put together your first set, the key is to keep it simple, start with the essentials.

Hammer of Thor!

 Instrument of the gods, and essential for any toolbox. A claw hammer with a flat head and nail puller is ideal for most household projects. It helps to have a decent grip handle to avoid any accidental hammer-throw, the Olympics are over people. Just hold firmly and watch your fingers!


 A good Phillips head will get you through most jobs but it is necessary to have a slotted screwdriver too. The best option is to have a screw driver set with different sized attachments so you are covered for a wide range of different screw sizes. Mini tool kits like a 24 Piece Tool Set should cover all your screw driver needs with a couple of handy extras too.

(Hint: Threaded screws can be a nightmare, causing hours of frustration and hindrance. Try using a damaged screw remover when this occurs so your project isn’t ruined by one little screwball)



 You’ll need two types: an adjustable wrench and a socket wrench. Bigger is usually better for the adjustable, as it allows you to work on larger bolts and provides a good handle length. Socket wrenches often come in sets for various sized sockets but you’re better off choosing a universal socket wrench which adapts to the required size.



Drill and Drill Bits

 To cord, or not to cord? The kind of work you’re doing around the home will define which is more suitable for you. A cordless drill is easily portable and often allows for a more flexible angle, perfect for smaller, quicker projects but will require you to be diligent in replacing batteries and keeping spares on hand. A drill with a cord will be more reliable for intensive jobs and eliminate the need for batteries. Either way you will need a selection of drill bits, a good 4 piece drill bit set will provide you with the essentials.

(To save time drilling holes for screws and then in turn drilling the screw itself, try using a drill driver)



 Big wobble board saws are out-dated and pretty useless around the house and simply not worth the risk of having Rolf Harris break in and cover stairway to heaven. They will only create clutter. Besides, if you are cutting anything that large it’s worth having a circular saw to make quick work out of any non-precision wood projects. For smaller jobs a tungsten super saw is perfect, it will cut through pretty much anything and make light work of any sawing job.

So roll up those sleeves, take these handy hints and hammer, chop and drill you way to DIY success!

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