Gifts For Kids: Teens


Teens are probably the hardest age group to buy for if they don’t tell you what they want. Think about what teen girls and boys are in to, and use that as a starting point, like we have.

Mood Lipstick

Most young teen girls love cosmetics! These mood lipsticks will be a hit – they react with the body’s chemistry to bring out a unique colour that will never look the same on any two people. They also act as a moisturiser to protect against dry, chapped lips. Go on, give the girls what they really want!

Cricket Set

This one will be a winner with the lads – the cricket set comes with everything they need for a day of backyard cricket.  Your kids will spend hours playing, running around and improving their fitness and hand-eye coordination. Get the whole family outside for a friendly game, after all, isn’t that what Aussie summers are all about?!

Inflatable Boat

Really stuck on gift ideas for the older kids? This study raft with its soft inflatable floor can be taken out in calm waters. The two French oars are secured on tight, so you won’t have to worry about them floating away! Perfect for endless summer fun. They’ll be rapt!

Click here for gift ideas for kids aged 5 -12 

And  here for gift ides for ages 0 – 5!

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