Click here to hear from our recent prize winners!

I was delighted to receive my winnings of $500 
– J Ham

I’ve received the cheque from Magnamail for $5000. It was a real surprise to me as I’ve never won anything in my life and it came at the right time… I could not be any happier than when I found out I had won
– S Borg

Thank you so much for the Magnamail cheque for $20, 000. I appreciate it very much… Thank you also for the ongoing mail orders. Everything I have bought from you has been first class.
– J Bitmead

Many thanks for my fabulous prize of $5, 000. It is the best prize I have ever won and so unexpected.
– D Brooks

Thank you for the cheque and letter. You have no idea what this means for me. $25, 000 will make [life] easier.
– B Grayam

It is with much appreciation I have banked the cheque for $1, 000. What a lovely surprise!
– J Binns

I was very happy to have won the sapphire necklace which I received a few days ago and I thank you very much.
– M Simpson

I’d like to thank you all for the $1, 000 I received last week safe and sound.
– J Bryden

Usually someone else wins prizes like this; with the thought, do people really win? It continues to be hard to believe… receiving Magnamail’s cheque for $10, 000. Now that the initial disbelief has passed.., thank you to Magnamail for this food fortune experience and the service you provide.
– S Wright

Thank you for the lovely surprise of $1, 000 dollars. .. it will come in really handy with the money I have put aside for a new washing machine, fridge and freezer.
– J Rayner

I would like to thank you for the beautiful prize of a television. What a big surprise. It came after a very difficult week and really cheered us up. Thank you for giving us so much joy, it is much appreciated.
– P Washington

So pleased to receive the cheque for $1, 000. 
– J Bartlett

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