Take a look at the Magnamail Staff favourites!


Anti Frost Mat

I haven’t had to defrost my small upright freezer for over 12 months  – Viv, Marketing


Rolling Condiment Bins

These little gems have a multitude of uses. I use them in the pantry the bathroom and the laundry for easy access to small items. At $10.90 for [a set of] two, they are great value! – Amanda, Customer Service

apple cutter

Apple Cutter

Apple Cutter It is very easy to use and my children love using it. It makes an apple more interesting and easy to eat – Maureen, IT

magical miracle duster

Miracle Mini Duster

The mini duster is perfect for on-the-go care cleaning, it’s an easy solution  for dust build up. Easy to store in your car because of its elongated design. – Laura, Customer Service

white wizard..

White Wizard

It gets a lot of things out [such as] carpet stains. It also is great for getting dirt marks out of car leather seats…  – Mike, Customer Service

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.12.56 AM

Non Stick Chef’s Knife

It is a sharp knife. I have bought them for pretty much my whole family. Best knife I’ve ever used. – Michelle, Customer Service

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